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Importance of Hobbies and Their Benefits for Your Children


Childrens hobbies &their benefits 1

The greatest hobbies for kids are those that teach them about the world and themselves. Kids' hobbies and passions begin from a spark of interest and might become a lifelong interest.


We at CURIOO have put together a collection of worksheets for you parents that will help you have conversations with your child about their hobbies, give you some ideas about suitable ones, and help you choose a few together to spark their interest. Click below to download.

Download the Worksheets


A child's favorite hobby may serve as the starting point for his/her adult career. A young child who gathers rocks and spends hours categorizing and labeling them may one day become a geologist. Alternatively, a small child who enjoys drawing stars in a notepad night after night may grow up to be an astronomer.


Hobbies for kids are crucial because without them, this generation would spend more than 10 hours a day playing Fortnite or TikTok. I think it's a parents’ duty to offer their children reasons to disconnect from the Internet and LIVE their LIVES. Of course, children's hobbies help to break up their routines. They replace schoolwork and duties with something far more pleasurable.

So parents must have to find out their kids' interests.


Kids are unique, as are their hobbies, just choose a hobby that your child will enjoy. Hobbies for children are an amusing, calming, and interesting way to spend one's time. Children love playing and discovering new things. Reading, writing, painting, dancing, playing outdoors and other creative activities help your children build up their cognitive and emotional skills. 


Excellent children's hobbies can also provide vital educational benefits. Self-directed learning reinforces inherent confidence and a sense of accomplishment in children as they learn critical skills such as making decisions and setting achievable goals. Aside from the intellectual rewards, good hobbies for boys and girls that stimulate their interest and bring enjoyment motivate children to be lifelong learners and attain mastery in the first place.

Kids And Hobbies


HOBBiES for Kids


Furthermore, engaging in hobbies together helps build parent-child ties. You might also get them involved in your hobbies, such as cooking or gardening.


Hobbies are not just playing to pass your child’s time, in fact through hobbies you can develop and promote your child's skills in different categories and fields under both indoor and outdoor activities such as, nature-related hobbies, performance hobbies, science-related hobbies and collecting hobbies. Continue reading to learn more about some fun indoor and outdoor activities that improve children's overall development.


What Are The Benefits of Hobbies for Children?

Hobbies, in addition to providing delightful and enjoyable experiences, can help:


  1. Reduce boredom as well as stress and anxiety.
  2. Meet new people and make new friendships with similar interests.
  3. Develop new skills to help with both professional and personal growth.
  4. Cultivating a sense of accomplishment as kids learn how to create and achieve goals.
  5. Promote innovation and creativity and the investigation of new ideas.
  6. Encourage a point of view attitude that nurtures kindness and generosity.
  7. Self-directed learning can help you gain inner confidence which aids in the development of a positive personality.
  8. Boosting psychosocial and physical development will serve them well throughout their life.
  9. Improve self-esteem, self-discipline and patience. 

How do I stimulate my children's interest in a hobby?

Setting an example is helpful to determine activities for children. If your children notice you enjoying a hobby, they are likely to be enthusiastic and imitate one for themselves.


It is also easier to encourage a child to follow a hobby if they are interested in it or show an interest in anything. You should expose children to a variety of activities and entertainments - for example, ask them to assist you in the kitchen, get them to sketch something for a friend's birthday card, or work in the yard - so that they develop an interest. After that, it will be much easier to assist them in turning an interest into a hobby.


Sometimes all a child needs is the appropriate trigger to start a new entertainment.  A child who likes dogs, for example, may be more interested in a book featuring animals as the main characters. 


Suggestions for Encouraging Children's Hobbies

While it may take time and patience to help your children choose hobbies they will like, there are certain things you can do to help them find activities that are suited for them and ensure they remain with them. To make the procedure easier, try the following suggestions:


Trigger their curiosity

When it comes to pastimes that kids enjoy, curiosity is the single most essential guiding force. Allow your youngster the opportunity and flexibility to experiment in their spare time. Trying new activities and immersing oneself in new experiences is the simplest method for a kid to discover what motivates and inspires them.


Accept Your Kids’ Changes in Their Hobbies

Almost every day is exciting and fascinating for children since there is so much in the world that they have never seen or experienced. As a result, it is natural for children's interests to shift from one day to the next. This can be especially challenging when a parent enjoys spending time with their children on this pastime or sport.


Talk with your child about why they are giving up a hobby that they have loved and appreciated. There could be an underlying cause - it's too difficult, they're not doing as well as they used to.  Sometimes a little tweak is all that is required to recover their pleasure from it - perhaps they feel left out drawing in their room and now would prefer to draw at the kitchen table.

Suggestions to Help Your Child Choose the best Hobby

Choosing a meaningful activity and entertainment for your child might be hard and challenging. 


Let’s look at several ways how we can simplify this process:

  • Participate in dialogues with your child to better understand their motives and interests.
  • Observe their abilities and strengths then propose an activity they might enjoy.
  • Request your children to prepare a list of activities, entertainments and hobbies that they would like to follow up.
  • Analyze and customize each activity to maximize the child's total advantages.
  • Children require more time to evaluate and comprehend their feelings and thoughts, so avoid being aggressive or rushing them.
  • Keep an open mind to different ideas until your youngster has decided on a range of purposeful activities.




Free English and Behaviour Assessment

At CURIOOkids Malaysia, we create an opportunity to have kids speak out and show their interests, and indirectly assess their abilities and strong points. With an initial assessment, CURIOOkids can help you choose the best learning path for your child in-line with his/her interests, hobbies and capabilities. If you'd like to get a free behavioural and learning assessment for your special one:


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Family Activities in Action

Hobbies and interests  differ according to family.  Each family has its own traditions, as well as its own set of hobbies. Many believe that the finest pastimes are those that the family can enjoy for many years, and can teach those hobbies to their children. For example, your family may enjoy fishing in a small peaceful pond in your town before traveling to a more exotic location to fish. As your children grow, they have useful and memorable knowledge and skills about marine life, lures, and casting. So it's better to start by discussing to your kids about their interests.


Sometimes your children do not have to enjoy all of your activities; you just need to connect on one or two levels to reap the benefits of emotional familial bonds. You might even discover a previously uninteresting hobby that you now enjoy because your child does.


Screen Time, It's Not All Bad: It Can Boost Offline Interests


Some parents are concerned that their children are too computer-focused and will not spend leisure time away from the computer. However, it depends on the video and games which your child spends time in, they may come around in the future. Maybe you see that your child is watching MasterChef Junior, and asking about vegetables and foods so you get that he is interested in cooking. Now it is the time that you as a mom jump in and help him to improve his skills in cooking with different methods or classes.


There are so many fantastic athletic and non-athletic hobbies for children that boost their innate abilities in different fields that you may never think about them. we can't include them all, but here is a handful of lists to get you started. 

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