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The CURIOOKids Malaysia Blog
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The CURIOOKids Malaysia Blog

Family Appreciation

By CURIOOkids Global CEO Paul Blackstone

Families are important as they help us to grow, to learn and to understand the world. They help us to become good and intelligent people. They give us a sense of security and a safe environment. Your family believes you are full of potential and can do anything you want in life. Life is not easy and it is not smooth, but your family will be the first ones to cheer you and lift you up when things get tough.

No family is the same, some are small and some are big, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that your family loves you more than you will ever imagine. 

Here are a few simple truths to appreciate and be grateful for the family you have.

1. Speak with love

Unfortunately, sometimes the people we speak the worst too are the people we love the most. We think we can say whatever we want and there are no consequences, but remember, words can either hurt or they can bring love……..choose love.

2. Tell the truth

The last people we should be misleading are the people that know us the best and care for us the most. Often children lie to parent’s so they don’t hurt their feelings but this is not necessary. Parents are there to help, guide and love you.

3. Mind your manners

Don’t take anything for granted and always be respectful to your family – they are the only family you have. Every member of the family has life experiences that can be shared if you just ask the right questions.

4. Be courageous

It is important to be brave and to be a leader – the world needs more leaders. Follow what you believe is the correct action and always be ready to listen to other opinions and information, then make your decisions. 

5. Forgive

There will always be little disappointments in life. Most of the time the things that annoy us are forgotten the next day. Be the type of person that forgives quickly and moves on. 

6. Always do your best

You cannot do more than your best. If you get into practice of doing everything to the very best of your ability, you will train yourself to listen, learn and continuously improve. 

7. No-one is perfect

There is not a person on this planet that has not made a mistake or done something wrong. We all have our strengths and we all have areas we need to work on. Do not expect perfection.

8. Tell your mum and dad you love them..…..now!

Your mum and dad are the 2 most important people in your life. Please respect them, look after them and love them. Tell them you love them often!

9. All families are a little bit crazy

The perfect family that exists on TV or in the movies does not exist. Every family is different and every family can sometimes be a little crazy sometimes. Remember, these times will pass and sometimes life is not easy.

10. Be thankful

You are lucky. You are cared for and loved. Many people in the world are not. Always be grateful for what you have.