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The CURIOOKids Malaysia Blog
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The CURIOOKids Malaysia Blog

CURIOOkids accelerates its development in China with Guangzhou welcoming its first flagship Studio


[Guangzhou, August 1, 2020] CURIOOkids, a highly innovative international education 

provider for young learners, announced that its first flagship studio in Guangzhou officially opened today. Located in the east of Zhujiang New Town which is adjacent to Huiyuetai, the beautiful learning studio will support the mission of CURIOOkids: to intelligently use AI enabled behavioral software to discover the passion and talent of each child and teach the vital practical and behavioural skills that leads to academic and life success. 

Paul Blackstone, founder and global CEO of CURIOOkids said: "All of us at CURIOO are pleased with the rapid development of our education system globally in a short period of time. Parents are overwhelmingly positive and recognize the importance in teaching the vital skills of Entrepreneur, Creative Design, Technology and Communicative English. As we can see all around us, our society is undergoing rapid transformation due to digitization, technology, greener societies and we must provide children with an advantage by preparing them for this exciting world of opportunities. When we combine the practical and behavioural skills development of young children, we see an improvement in their academic results and for our Parents, they have the satisfaction of knowing they are preparing their child for success in life. I would like to add that Frankie Fa, our development Partner in Guangzhou and I have known each other for a very long time and I am excited to be working together to build an experience that children love and Parents quickly recognize as benefiting the development of their child.”


"Guangzhou is a well-known international city and the expansion of CURIOOkids in Guangzhou is of strategic significance to our operations. It is very early in our development in Guangzhou, but we can already see, based on the feedback we are receiving from Parents in Guangzhou, that they are keen to prepare their child with the practical and behavioural skills we train at CURIOO. A CURIOO kid is creative, determined, self-confident, has strong problem-solving skills, thinks logically, is able to communicate effectively in both Chinese and English and can come up with innovative ideas and has a framework to see those ideas all the way through to development. Our world-class behavioural software system (CBAS) tracks the reactions and behavior of our students in every lesson. Over time, this provides us and the Parents with an accurate and detailed understanding of each child's interest, talent, learning motivation and mental well-being. We share this with Parents which then helps us to create the right conditions for academic and life success for our students" added Ms. Catherine Wang, co-founder and CEO of CURIOOkids, China.


Frankie Fa, the General Manager and Partner of CURIOO’s operations in Guangzhou, who has many years of successful experience in the education industry, introduced the design of the first CURIOO Guangzhou Learning Studio. She was excited to share that our Studiohas been specifically designed to provide our students and Teachers with the opportunity to collaborate in a space that enjoys beautiful natural light. Child psychology studies show that children learn and respond better to environments that support creativity, are open, transparent and use modern technology. Our Studio follows world class environmental standards and we strictly follow our internal standards on hygiene and creating a safe space for our students and staff.

We have an incredibly experienced and talented team at CURIOO Guangzhou and all look forward to sharing with Parents and their children our highly innovative learning space as there is nothing like it in Guangzhou. We create learning spaces that children love to be in, deliver learning by Teachers that are highly experienced and are passionate about teaching our children the skills that have an immediate and positive impact on their lives. It is rare that all these elements come together and when they do, it is special and I can see that this is the case with our CURIOO Guangzhou Studio. As we receive feedback from Parents, we look forward to the further development of new Studios in Guangzhou in the coming months and years.


For more information, please visit: www.curioo.com.cn or call the play: 400 8383 533 -4 .


About CURIOOkids:

CURIOOkids is a highly innovative, international education provider, teaching 4 -15 year-old’s the digital, business, technology and behavioural skills they need to be academically successful and future ready. The company has learning Studios and curriculum development teams in China, the United States, Australia, Malaysia and the Philippines. CURIOO China’s headquarters is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. 

CURIOOkids teaches the vital skills of ENTREPRENEUR | TECHNOLOGY | CREATIVE DESIGN | ENGLISH COMMUNICATIONS. We have 4 important beliefs that support our education methodology, including:

1. Every child is unique and has talent. Our responsibility is to find out the aptitude and interest of each child and work with Parents to nurture that talent 

2. There are a specific set of skills that if children learn them, leads to improved academic results and better life outcomes. We develop positive behavioural skills including: initiative, confidence, goal-setting, problem-solving, resilience, determination and creative thinking  

3. We prepare young people for the rapid changes taking place related to the high in-demand future skills: digitization, data science, design, biotech, AI/VR/AR/Blockchain /Automation/Robotics, Climate change & transition to greener economies

4. Learning Future Skills is super FUN. Our methodology utilizes the best of international education best practices and is collaborative, dynamic, highly active, project-based and focused on solving real-world challenges