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The CURIOOKids Malaysia Blog
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The CURIOOKids Malaysia Blog

All of the team at CURIOO send their best wishes and positive energy to all our friends around the world that are impacted by COVID-19. At times like these, it is essential to remember what is important in life – health, family and caring for others.

These times can make our family and friends feel anxious and fearful for their future. Our responsibility is to help them turn the situation into one of growth, achievement and progress.

At CURIOO, there are 7 steps that we hope will help your creative thinking, communications and actions during these challenging months:

1. Forget about yourself: focus on others

The best strategy is to reach out to your friends and family to ask if they need help and if they are doing OK. You’ll become a source of confidence for everyone else.

2. Forget about your losses: focus on your opportunities

Things you had and may have taken for granted sometimes disappear, but as the world changes, opportunities suddenly become available to achieve far more than you ever did in the past

3. Forget about your difficulties: focus on your progress

Treat this whole period of challenge as a time when you can make your greatest progress as a human being

4. Forget about who you were: focus on who you can be

Many people define themselves by external circumstances. When these abruptly change, they don’t know who they are. Take advantage of external confusion and become self-directed, self-managed and self-motivated

5. Forget about events: focus on your responses

The most consistently successful people in the world know they can’t control events but continually work toward greater control over their creative responses to events.

6. Forget what’s missing: focus on what is available

Take advantage of every resources that is immediately available in order to achieve as many small results and make as much daily progress as possible

7. Forget about complaints: focus on your gratitude

Complaining only attracts negative thoughts and people. Gratitude on the other hand, creates the opportunity for the best thinking, actions and results to emerge. Focus on everything you are grateful for, communicate this, and open yourself each day to the best possible consequences.