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The CURIOOKids Malaysia Blog
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The CURIOOKids Malaysia Blog

CURIOOkids the New Generation of Learning:

Preparing Young Students with the Technology, Digital, Entrepreneur and Creative Skills Required to be Successful in the New Economy

CURIOOkids is pleased to announce the opening of its 2nd learning Studio in Guangzhou, continuing its rapid expansion in China and Globally. In strong alignment with the Chinese Government policy to promote a healthy and balanced education for young people, our education methodology specifically develops student creativity abilities through art and design, technology skills through coding and app/web design and entrepreneurship through idea generation and collaboration.

CURIOO’S China CEO, Catherine Wang states, “as our society becomes rapidly advanced, driven by new technologies such as AI, VR/AR, automation, digitization and 5G, young people must develop new and sophisticated skills to capitalize on the exciting and well-paying opportunities in these new areas.”

Based on his observation of managing CURIOO Studios across various countries, Paul Blackstone the Group CEO mentioned, “the traditional focus of ‘education to pass an exam’ is completely outdated and is being bravely changed by the Chinese Government. While other Governments globally talk about the necessity to change their education system to meet the needs of an innovative and progressive society, the Chinese Government is actively taking the leadership in driving these necessary changes. This initiative should be applauded and replicated across other countries.”

At CURIOO, we are a complement to the Public Education system and not a replacement. Our strengths are in providing a vibrant and technologically advanced learning environment with well-trained and positive Teachers for students to develop the latest tech, design, entrepreneur and communication skills. These skills are now essential for all students to develop from a young age. Some Parents are stuck with the traditional mindset of education and do not realize that the skills they learnt at school are becoming rapidly redundant and new skills are required for their children to be prepared for the future.

The reality is that those students that have been well-trained with tech, digital, creativity and entrepreneur skills will be able to capitalize on the exciting opportunities and those that are not, will be left behind.

Training the skills is not enough, positive behaviors and child psychology also need to be developed, tracked and improved. Here, the Chinese Government is also taking a leadership role in the behavioral and social-emotional development of children. We should not be over-scheduling students or pushing them to become ‘exam taking machines’ which is terrible for their self-confidence, independence, creativity, self-awareness and maturity. All across the globe, there are shocking statistics showing this generation of students is suffering from escalating levels of anxiety and depression leading to all sorts of negative behaviors. This is partly driven by the high-pressure of exams and the mis-use of technology and digital devices.

The Guangdong Managing Partner of CURIOO, Frankie Fa stated, “at CURIOO, we believe that technology is to be used for creative purpose rather than just passively receiving poor quality content or to play games. We train our students to be digital creators, who understand coding, design and software and can use it to improve and make a contribution to our society. We are so happy to sharing this new generation of learning with the Parents and young students of Panyu.

We encourage our students to enjoy their learning, find their interest, develop their talent and

Be Awesome Today’!!