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The CURIOOKids Malaysia Blog


CURIOO Method & Montessori Schools



We are quite often asked what is the difference between the CURIOO Method and Montessori schools teaching. For their pre-school or kindergarten aged child, many Parents find it difficult to decide whether to send their child to a traditional learning institution or Montessori. 


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There are benefits to both systems with the main benefit of a Montessori school is that the principles of Maria Montessori’s research is focused on the child as a whole, rather than just academics. There is no right or wrong answer on which system – Montessori or Traditional is the best as the decision needs to take into consideration the personality and aptitude of the child. Some children thrive in a Montessori environment while other’s do not respond.


Similarities with CURIOO. There are carefully structured similarities between the CURIOO Method and Montessori including:

Reality based

Students encouraged to collaborate together on ideas

Respect individual differences

Students develop independence

Use of imaginative play

Small ratio of students per Teacher

Students encouraged to pursue individual ideas


While there are similarities in how learning is delivered and equal recognition is given by both learning methodologies on the importance of the behaviour development of the child, the CURIOO Method utilizes a specific framework that educates the child on the practical and behavioural skills required for this generation of students to be successful academically and in their life. 


The CURIOO subject areas cover global citizenship which includes English language communication and content that focuses on building awareness about the wider world and playing an active role in the community. Innovation and creativity skills that includes content that encourages increasingly complex problem solving, logical thinking, creativity and idea generation. Technology skills, includes content that developing digital skills, including programming, digital responsibility and use of technology. Interpersonal skills, includes content that focus on social skills, collaboration, empathy, leadership and public speaking. 


Here is a breakdown of the main differences between CURIOO and Montessori: 


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We consider CURIOO to be a highly effective complement to both education systems. For students attending Montessori, a specific focus on new economy skills from a young age provides the benefits of specific skills development and mastery from an early stage. For students attending a traditional education system, a more international education environment that includes smaller groups and more focus on problem-based and collaborative learning is often a strong complement to the more rigid structures at school.


At CURIOO, we have designed our education delivery system and curriculum to focus on increasingly complex project and problem-based delivery that requires our students to collaborate and integrate their learning across all subject areas………closely mirroring the reality of the future of work and giving our students a significant educational and behavioural advantage.